Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Patch has a controlled CBD release, that gradually releases over 8-12 hoursto any target area of your body. Simply place the latex-free patch on the desired area and your good to go, that’s it!. The Elite CBD Patch is a convenient way to get the topical CBD you need during a busy day.



  • Decide where you want to place your Patch. We recommend applying to an area that will not have a lot of contact with excessive rubbing, this to prevent the patch from accidental coming off. Suggested areas are on the back of the wrist or top of the foot. Make sure you choose an area that’s on or very close to the trouble area.
  • Clean the area where you wish to place the Patch.
  • Remove the back piece of the patch, revealing the adhesive side, and apply to your skin.


Watch this video to see how to use Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Patch



Acrylic, Glycol, Lecithin, Oleic Acid, Elite Hemp Extract, Euclyptol, Terpenes *The patch can be worn for up to 12 hours.


Size: 2x2 Inches

Phytocannibinoids: 10mg

( Mary’s Nutritionals ) – Elite CBD Patch (10mg CBD)

  • How to use them:

    Salves- With a salve, you will find a little can go a long way. These CBD balms are creamy and thick. They last a long time and are super simple to use.


    Patches- Patches are used for those who are afflicted by the effects of inflammation. It can be bothersome around the clock when you have a joint that is in need of relief. CBD patches are the perfect solution for those looking for relief for an extended period of time. If you forget to take your supplements daily, a patch is ideal for you. It can last up to 12 hours, and easily sticks to the skin.


    Make sure the area you are using the balm on is clean and dry. We suggest using it after a shower or bath. All you have to do is massage the balm onto the desired area in a circular motion. Do this until it is absorbed into your skin.


    While there are no specific amounts of CBD balm to use at one time, you still want to start off with a small amount and gradually work your way up to higher dosages. This will give the best results for relief and finding the right dose for you.


    What are CBD topicals?

    Created to target specific areas, CBD patches are made of CO2 extract from hemp oil.


    While they started off as just a cool idea, hemp patches are now one of the most popular choices for those seeking relief in their back, joint, or muscles. You will receive a very generous amount of CBD from the hemp oil patches. The CBD is directly delivered to a targeted area. Unlike lotion products, you will not find yourself reapplying the patches constantly. They release the CBD over a span of days. It is a controlled release and it lessens the amount of times you have to reapply.


    Hemp oil is a natural supplement for cannabinoids, while providing awesome skin benefits. It is also a natural supply of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acid. Lotions, salves and other topicals in our collection provide nutrients that specifically target skin concerns. The majority of hemp topicals are a compound of all-natural ingredients that you are able to find in nature and pronounce.



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