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Proprietary Hemp Extract - Blue Label – CBD Oil (150mg - 1500mg)

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Proprietary Hemp Extract - Blue Label CBD Oil 150mg - 1500mg

Proprietary Hemp Extract, Blue Label is an oil extracted right from the hemp plant. It is a CO2 extracted hemp oil with a phytocannabinoid concentration of 15% (150mg CBD per gram). The raw hemp oil that includes has absolutely no additives. This raw CBD oil extract is decarboxylated, which simply means it’s been heated to a controlled temperature to activate its phytocannabinoids. Proprietary Hemp is non-psychoactive and contains only very small trace amounts of THC. Blue label can comes in 3 sizes, choose from 1 gram, 3 grams, or 10 grams; each size contains a phytocannabinoid concentration of 15%.

  • 1 gram (150mg CBD) approx. 30 servings
  • 3 grams (450mg CBD) approx. 90 servings
  • 10 grams (1500mg CBD) approx. 300 servings

Hemp Extract

Serving Size
The recommended serving size for this concentrate is the size of a grain of rice once or twice daily. That can be safely increased and/or decreased as needed.

Ingredients: Decarboxylated hemp oil extract
Lab results: COA's

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